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The Team behind the Gallery


Founder – Sonia Todd

Hello, I’m Sonia and my career journey to hosting the Pilates Gallery has mainly centred around helping people realise their full potential.

I’m originally from the North West and have lived in Warwickshire for over 18 years. The Pilates Gallery is located on my relatives private farm in Wroxall. I love spending time at the tranquil setting of the farm with my family and friends. I enjoy the outdoors, walking my rescue dogs daily or riding my ex-racehorse Wilf whenever I can.

For many years I managed large scale leisure operations. I’ve worked in diverse roles supporting people take their first steps to adopting a healthier lifestyle, helping elite athletes at the top of their game or inspiring corporate sector leaders to value their staff in creating healthy working relationships.

My own Pilates journey started nearly 25 years ago when I was injured in a traffic accident and my Physiotherapist recommended Pilates to help rehabilitate a neck injury. I was a keen runner at the time and wasn’t so sure that Pilates could help me. However, I soon felt the benefits from the first few weeks of sessions. The headaches and backache I suffered started to ease and were soon healed. I was amazed at how simple Pilates exercises could have such a dramatic effect on my wellbeing. I was hooked and Pilates has been a staple part of my wellbeing routine ever since. I qualified in 2000 with the Pilates Institute. I have been committed to regular CPD and training every since. I am fully insured and qualified L3 Pilates coach specialising in Equi-Pilates and Pre/postnatal Pilates. I most recently took my reformer training in 2018/19 so that I could bring the Pilates Gallery vision to reality.

For over twenty years I have taught Pilates in various settings, from one to one home or work visits to group matwork in Village Halls or Health Clubs. I love teaching all abilities of clients and it is a joy to facilitate Pilates practice and see a client benefit from the subtle but transforming movements that Pilates brings into your life. Joseph Pilates really was a pioneer of his time and his methods are still growing in importance today.

My coaching style is calming and progressive, so hopefully, clients feel nurtured post-session as well as gently challenged. I like to ensure clients are comfortable and understand the movements before taking them up to the next level. I use a combination of verbal coaching and physical placement to help clients understand their movements patterns and how they can rebalance any postural issues.
I love to welcome all ages and abilities and feel Pilates has something to offer everyone.

My vision with the Pilates Gallery was to create a private, stylish, warm and comfortable space for clients to focus on their wellbeing. I do hope you will join us?

“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”

Joseph Pilates

The Story of Pilates Gallery

For many years I taught in Health club studios and village halls under the brand Flourish Pilates.

I hosted many sessions ranging from beginners to improvers Pilates and was the first in the Warwickshire area to qualify as an Equi-Pilates TM Biomechanics Coach (Equestrian Pilates). I have also taught seated Pilates and worked alongside Physiotherapists offering wellbeing sessions /events.

In 2018, when my horse Wilf moved to live at the family farm stables, I appreciated how tranquil and private the farm location was. Every season at the Farm brings a new awareness.

The countryside location is a really special setting. As you step into nature away from the hustle and bustle of busy lives, this rural sanctum gives you a much-needed opportunity to align your body and mind.

Following many years of setting up Health Clubs and working in big National Sports Stadiums, I had yearned to offer a more exclusive, private environment for Pilates.

I was so grateful to the Parkin family when they offered some space at the Farm to help me achieve the dream, and the Pilates Gallery started to take shape in early 2020. Roll on eight months and the combination of a global pandemic and subsequent lockdown delayed the launch. However, it has been worth the wait. It is a beautiful space which supports clients in life and business to strive for wellbeing ready to flourish.

It was important to me, that the Pilates gallery is exactly the type of place I would want to be a client of. It is somewhere you can come to be nurtured during your practice. The heated matwork studio, the diffusing essential oils, log burner, and private entrance all add to the unique experience which lasts beyond your visit.


There is parking available on-site within the farmyard setting and where to park will be confirmed on booking.

Please note, there is a long single track drive with passing places. Visitors are requested to drive slowly 5 mph when entering the property and give way to livestock, horses and young children. Please keep off the grass verges where possible.

Reformer explained

The Reformer was invented by Joseph Pilates during WWII to help rehabilitate injured soldiers.

Although it can look daunting at first, the Reformer is everyone’s friend. Using the Reformer really helps clients to understand their own movement patterns, how they can move more effectively, helping improve alignment, mobility, build strength, core stability, flexibility and generally help balance the whole body.

It is basically a bed-like piece of apparatus which using springs and pulleys, and has a carriage which moves up and down.Iit is the most versatile piece of equipment and provides many ways to move your body through its full range of movement. It really is simple to use and offers a holistic body movement programme which is second to none. Reformer Pilates promises with regular commitment, a longer leaner body, stronger core and a more balanced body.

At the Pilates Gallery, I offer one to one coaching on the latest Align-Pilates C2 Reformer.

It can assist in the rehabilitation of injury and enable you to understand which muscles overwork and which muscles need firing up to help re-balance your posture. Most importantly the reformer, allows your spine to work through its full range of movement, keeping it healthy, strong and flexible.
One to one sessions last 55 mins and are tailored to your postural needs and personal goals.