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‘Inspire’ workshops coming up at the gallery;

Inspire workshops are a great way to give yourself some self-care and time for you. Come alone or with friends – the aim of the workshops are to inspire and nurture well-being.

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Relax in style with Helen Richardson (Personal Stylist)

Friday, March 31st 10 am-1.30 pm
5 places £85 per person

This bespoke small group workshop is all about giving women that all-important self-care or ‘me’ time.

Starting with a relaxing flow of matwork Pilates to mobilise the joints and lengthen the body, there will be a short meditation to soothe the mind and nurture your soul.

Post Pilates we welcome Helen Richardson (Personal Stylist) who will offer Style tips, capsule wardrobe ideas, confidence strategies and much more to help invigorate the development of your own personal style throughout the seasons. Helen’s sessions are engaging and fun. Her vast experience of helping many clients from all walks of life feel at their best through the clothes they wear is inspiring and compassionate to all.

Post-workshop Helen will join us for lunch to keep the discussion going and help you come away with some gems of advice to reinvigorate your own personal style.

Equestrian Wellbeing & Goal-setting with Jo Swain (BD Level 4 Coach)

Friday 12th May 2023
10 am-1.30 pm
5 places £65 per person

This bespoke small group workshop is aimed at all levels of Equestrians.

Whether you are a happy hacker or competitive rider this workshop aims to give you time out from your normal routine to reset and reflect on your well-being and help you develop that growth mindset assisting your partnership with your horse.

After a welcome drink on arrival, you will take your place on the mat for a 45-minute relaxing Pilates matwork session which will focus on lengthening and mobilising the body. Using the Pilates methods the session will focus on those exercises/stretches that can aid equestrians’ posture and alignment. A short meditation to end the session will focus on rider’s well-being and mindset.

Post Pilates, we welcome BD list Judge and L4 Coach Jo Swain. Jo will look at rider well-being aspects and facilitate discussion to enable you to goal set and plan to achieve with your horse whatever that may be.

Post-workshop participants are invited to join Jo for a healthy lunch and carry on the discussions so you leave nourished and inspired to achieve your equestrian aspirations.

Pilates and ‘Creating Space workshop with Zoe from the Discovery Project

Friday 28th April 2023
10 am-1.30 pm
5 places £85 per person

A gentle but uplifting Pilates matwork session starts off the day by celebrating the uniqueness of YOU and focusing thoughts on self-care.

Special guest and women’s cheerleader Zoe co-founder of the Discovery Project will then lead a workshop titled ’SPACE’. Zoe will create a safe space for your to explore your own self-care needs and facilitate discussions to develop your awareness around your own priorities for self-care so you can nurture and nourish your well-being.

This workshop is aimed at providing women with a space to rest, reflect and be inspired in a non-judgemental environment where you can take time out to explore your well-being needs in order to flourish.

Zoe is an engaging facilitator and has a special interest in helping women develop and be the best they can be. Zoe will join us for lunch and aim to inspire you to take home your thoughts and awareness so you can begin to make progress towards a balanced life.