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It’s natural when starting anything new to have lots of questions. Below are the answers to the questions I am asked most frequently. I hope that I’ve answered most of yours on here, if I haven’t please get in touch.

What should I wear for Pilates?

Ideally sportswear which is non-restrictive.  Pilates is generally practiced in Pilates socks (socks with a grip on the sole) or in bare feet.  Please tie long hair up so it is safe and secure. Layers are best if you wish to keep yourself warm pre and post session, so pop on a sweatshirt or hoody for when you cool down.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Most clients bring their own bottle of water to sip during practice.  We can supply water/refreshment if required at your session.  Some clients bring their own mat or pilates small props to use and this is encouraged where possible.

Is there parking on-site?

Yes there is ample parking in the farmyard and details on where to park will be sent to you prior to your session.

If I find an exercise difficult, what can I do?

Always tell your instructor if you are finding an exercise tough.  There are adaptations and not all exercises suit all people. It is important to find out what suits you.  You should never put up with pain during exercise.  You may get breathless or feel challenged, but it should not give you prolonged pain.

How often is the Pilates Gallery cleaned?

Pilates Gallery is completely cleaned on a weekly basis.  Daily, after each client session all equipment and touch points are sanitised. 

Where is Pilates Gallery situated i.e address?

The Pilates Gallery is situated on a private family farm in Wroxall. Full details of how to find us are given at the time of booking.  Due to the address being based at a private family home via a private drive, we don’t advertise our exclusive location.  Visits and bookings are by appointment only.

How does Reformer Pilates differ from matwork?

Joseph Pilates first designed the traditional 34 matwork exercises which aim to move the body through its full range of movement and build core stability/balance across the body.  These matwork exercises have developed over the years and been adapted for all levels of ability.  These sessions are performed on your mat with various small props and equipment to help your practice. The focus is on your quality of movement rather than the quantity.  It is important you work at the level that suits you and progress gradually.

The Reformer was invented by Joseph Pilates to help injured soldiers in WWII recover from injury.  It later became an important piece of equipment to facilitate dancers and athletes in their performance goals.  The reformer is a bed like piece of equipment. It  offers resistance through spring and pulley system and using the reformer can really assist your alignment, and help clients work through a larger range of movement safely compared to the mat which offers no assistance.  Often clients like to combine the reformer with their matwork practice, as they find it helps strengthen core stability to assist matwork technique.  Both methods of Pilates are extremely beneficial and it is up to the individual how they want to progress their Pilates practice.  Reformers can look a little daunting, but with a coach you will be safely able to use them and realise how fantastically nurturing they are in helping you understand how your body moves and how to help it move better.

Do you have a lift up to the Pilates Gallery?

Due to the nature of the building, there is no lift.  There is one flight of stairs to gain access to the studio which does have a half landing.  Please let us know if you need assistance on the stairs or if stairs would cause a problem for you and we can try to look at a solution.

I can’t make the session. What do I need to do?

If you are unable to make the session you can alter your appointment up to 48 hours on the online the calendar.  Otherwise please contact Sonia directly 24 hours before to reschedule.   Please check out my terms and conditions for full details of my cancellations policy. Regrettably, I am unable to offer cancellations or refunds for sessions missed or cancelled within 24 hours.

What is the format for a typical session?
At 1-1 sessions, clients are welcomed at the door and temperature checks and hand sanitiser issued. Clients take off outdoor shoes in the reception area and proceed to the studio upstairs. The first 5 mins of the session is a check-in with the client, to gain an understanding of how you are feeling so the session can be adapted accordingly. The session will start with a couple of mobility and warm-up exercises for the spine. Depending on client preference a series of exercises will be prescribed which may involve matwork, reformer or a combination of both. Where requested the session will end with some relaxation and stretching dependent on client goals. A post-session drink is offered and clients can sit and relax before putting on outdoor shoes in the reception area ready to then face the day.